Project developers and relevant authorities (residential and utilities, infrastructure, nature, recreation and agricultural sectors) have increasingly to deal with each other on the matter of regional planning. A trusting collaboration and mutual understanding is crucially important for all parties.

Integrating archaeological research with the running of a project demands flexibility and creativity to stay within budget and time. Archol’s experienced personnel has the expertise to contribute to the thinking process and  be solution-oriented. We can be of service in many areas of the whole process.

To this end we offer a broad bundle of services.

Below are products and services specially oriented towards developers and local government.

  • Risk analysis and quickscan of planning areas
  • Putting  together a Program of demands
  • Archaeological Reading briefs, Field inventory, historical research, explosives investigation
  • Process evaluation
  • Integration and archaeologically friendly building
  • Advising concerning the complete process
  • Policy advice maps