Archol for the archaeologist

The study of archaeology in the Netherlands is deeply rooted in Leiden. An important centre is the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University. Next to research and training of students there are yearly fieldwork campaigns that were traditionally focussed on the sandy grounds of Brabant and Limburg, the Maas valley, the south Limburg loess grounds and the fens and clay areas of South Holland.

During the 90's of the previous century the university saw the chance to take part in large scale complex excavations arising out of a railway project called "the Betuweroute". In order to satisfy contractual conditions like budget, planning and strictly lain out methods the company Archol was set up.

Since the set up in 1996 Archol has carried out diverse projects varying from desk based assessments, watching briefs to large scale excavations. With it's roots in the university it has always upheld high quality research (which doesn't have to clash with the demands of the commercial world) and is able to call on the expertise of the Faculty of Archaeology such as:

  • Period specialists: from the stone age to the modern period
  • Bone specialists: human and animal
  • Wear trace analysis of tools made of stone, shell, antlers and bone
  • Specialists in ceramics
  • the zoological laboratory

Thanks to this collaboration Archol can participate in the scientific research of the university. In exchange Archol contributes to the student training program in the form of field placements, field  equipment practice and final papers.

During fieldwork there is close contact with amateur archaeologists who know the local history and form a foundation for archaeology within the community. We also organise open days, exhibitions and readings