About Archol

From advice to excavation: Archol takes care of the whole process

Since 1996 Archaeological Research Leiden (Archol) has performed  many projects covering a broad spectrum of archaeological activities for third parties.  Our clients include the government and provincial and local authorities, companies and private individuals.

Archol has put her name to a good five hundred archaeological projects ranging from reading research and watching briefs to large-scale excavations. Our research centre is specialized in the execution of large, complex multidisciplinary projects. We can also offer ICT and GIS support and a wide range of material specialists.  

Archol has a team of eighteen including extremely experienced project leaders and highly educated , enthusiastic archaeologists and support personnel. We offer many possibilities for students to experience  archaeology in practice.

Informed choice

Our clients are confronted with archaeological questions which we are pleased to take off their hands. In order to operate within the available budget we realise that certain choices have to be made and that not everything is by definition researchworthy. Unnecessary costs are also held down by taking account of the national, provincial and local research agendas during the planning process.


Archol has proved itself to be a trustworthy partner over the years. Thanks to a large network of subcontractors and specialists and use of the most modern technology and software projects are finished on time and within budget.


Our roots lie in the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden university and through this we have a strong link with a number of regions in the Netherlands: the sandy ground of Brabant and Limburg, the Maas river valley, the loess grounds of south Limburg, the fens and clay areas of the Flevopolder and North and South Holland.