Archol about Faculteit

Faculty of Archaeologie Leiden University
Our close ties to the Faculty of Archaeology enable us to jointly offer a full range of professional expertise, covering a wide range of sciences, methods and specialist knowledge of archaeology all over the world. We strive for an optimum balance in our work between the interests of our clients and those of first-rate archaeological research. In close co-operation with the specialists of the Faculty of Archaeology, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience available ensuring the scientific integrity and social relevance of our projects.

Through the co-operation with the Faculty of Archaeology, we have at our disposal:

  • a range of period specialists: globally covering the stone age to the middle ages
  • an archaeozoological laboratory for analysis of faunal remains
  • a laboratory for human osteoarchaeology
  • a lithics laboratory for analysis of use-wear and residues on stone artefacts
  • a ceramics laboratory for examination of pottery
  • a paleobotanical laboratory for environmental reconstructions
  • specialists in the field of heritage management and science communication

Archol also contributes to the training of archaeology students: from field placements to working through excavation results for their graduation papers. Archol employees take part both in university research and teaching leading to an important cross-pollination between market, research and education.