Archol makes its contribution to the execution of the treaty of Malta by offering high quality, commercially effective archaeological research. Our goal is achieve a good price/quality balance, generate new knowledge for the community and to take part in (inter) national scientific discourse.



In our opinion archaeology can be done well on a commercial basis as long as the scientific aspect plays a leading role. Our services  can be viewed as a commercial product but scientific enquiry shall always remain central. The final goal of archaeological research is the deepening of knowledge, not a ‘clear ground’ declaration. The utility of a particular investigation stands always in the foreground for Archol. We will never do ‘turnover’ metres that produce no extra knowledge. Likewise  we will not leave ground alone that can deliver valuable information.

Archaeological research is always purpose made. Research questions are related to earlier knowledge of the region in view. Archol focuses on that niche in the market where this approach is recognised and valued. A strong financial position is crucial to be able to operate in this niche and Archol is a flexible company with a low cost structure.  Big enough to guarantee continuity projects but not so big that clients are paying lots of overhead costs. Our focus is on the true capital, our archaeologists.

Clients experience us as a trustworthy partner who sticks to agreements and deadlines, who watches over the quality of our product and always works in an optimal manner.