Archol's 20th anniversary


Excavated 20 years ago,and now finally at her final destination. 

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Archol for

Local government

Since its inception in 1996, Archol has gained much experience in governmental projects for provinces, municipalities and water boards. Archol has all the necessary certifications and knowledge to convert archaeological questions into practical advice, actions and products.



Project developers and relevant authorities (residential and utilities, infrastructure, nature, recreation and agricultural sectors) have increasingly to deal with each other on the matter of regional planning. A trusting collaboration and mutual understanding is crucially important for all parties.



Over the last years more room has been given for archaeological research within civil planning and projects. A builder carrying out such projects is also expected to have consideration for this aspect even though he (very probably) does not have the necessary skills or competence for it.



The study of archaeology in the Netherlands is deeply rooted in Leiden. An important centre is the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University. Next to research and training of students there are yearly fieldwork campaigns. These campaigns and analysis of the results are very often carried out  in collaboration with Archol.



It could be that when you are asking for planning permission in a particular place that the council asks you to check the area before 'disturbing' it. Here people think, above all, of an excavation but archaeological  investigation can take many forms. Do you need advice? Then Archol is the place to come to!