Private individuals

It could be that when you are asking for planning permission in a particular place that the council asks you to check the area before 'disturbing' it. Here people think, above all, of an excavation but archaeological  investigation can take many forms. Do you need advice? Then Archol is the place to come to!

All councils in the Netherlands have established policies on how they will deal with their local archaeological 'valuables'. These have been mapped mostly in an 'archaeological policy map'  showing the estimated value of the 'ground archive' per area.

In most cases a reading brief or bore survey is sufficient to give a picture of the development area. Very often the conclusion is that there will be no loss of ' valuables' through the planned work or that with a modification of the plan no further archaeological undertaking is needed.

It is not always clear for private individuals what is expected of them. That's why Archol lends a helping hand.

We can help you speed your planning permission along by:

  • Translating council policy
  • Giving shape to the most efficient research
  • Communicatiing with the council about the end results