Local government

The Law on conservation of archaeological monuments places the responsibility on all local authorities for the preservation of our archaeological heritage. It is to be weighed in consideration in an early stage of the regional planning process.

Archol can serve or support the authorities in a number of different ways:

  • Development of policy and weighing of choices by putting together a ‘policy advice map’.
  • Compiling guidelines for archaeological research in the form of a Program of Requirements.
  • Performing archaeological research and reporting in conformity with the environmental permit.
  • Evaluating the reports of third parties.
  • Presenting the results to the public in, eg. exhibitions and folders in order to create a social consensus.

Thanks to regional acquaintance and 15 years of project work, Archol can deliver a tailor-made bundle of services with a clear risk curtailment. The starting point in this process is to keep the cost of archaeology in good proportion to the rest of the project.

Increasingly project tenders are placed on the open market and, apart from an economically advantageous offer, quality also plays an important role. Archol is able to draw on the expertise of the specialists in the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden university. The faculty and Archol work together intensively and are housed in the same building.